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About Us

A Culture Founded on Dirt

DirtyBirds Cleaning Service professionals

Meet The Founders

At DirtyBirds Cleaning Service LLC, we take immense pride in our startup story and how we lead our team and operate the company. As co-owners and Illinois State University alumni, we have gained valuable experience throughout the years by learning from our mistakes, trying new techniques, and always investing back into the industry's top equipment and chemicals. As a hands-on company, we still operate in the field and behind the scenes to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. We prioritize open communication and encourage our team to voice their opinions, which fosters a collaborative work environment. We invest in our team's training and utilize innovative technology to maintain consistency and high standards of cleaning. By doing so, we're able to provide our clients with a level of service that sets us apart from other facility maintenance companies. And if you haven't guessed it already, we're not just business partners, but we're also happily married! We're passionate about what we do, and we believe that our love for each other and our business is reflected in the quality of our work.



Drive is the fuel that propels us forward, empowering us to overcome challenges, achieve our goals, and constantly strive for excellence.


Imagination is the spark that ignites creativity, paving the way for boundless possibilities and innovative solutions.


Resilience is the unwavering strength that enables us to bounce back from setbacks, overcome obstacles, and keep pushing forward, no matter how tough the journey may be.


Trust is the cornerstone of meaningful relationships, built through integrity, reliability, and transparency, forming the foundation of our commitment to our clients and team.
DirtyBirds Cleaning Service uses thorough background checks on all employees prior to hiring

At Dirty Birds Cleaning Service, we prioritize security and peace of mind for our clients, which is why we utilize GoodHire software to conduct thorough background checks on all of our candidates prior to employment.



DirtyBirds Cleaning Service trains their staff to maintain consistency and high standards of cleaning


DirtyBirds Cleaning Service leads their staff and uses innovative software to stay up-to-date with operations on the front and back ends

At Dirty Birds Cleaning Service, we strive to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for our clients by providing on-site training for our cleaning specialists. We use certified training programs such as Spartan Clean Check, which enables us to maintain consistency and high standards of cleaning.

At Dirty Birds Cleaning Service, we stay up-to-date with our operations on both the front and back ends by using innovative software that allows us to keep eyes on your facility and our specialists in real time. We prioritize leading by example and fostering open communication to ensure our team is aligned and working efficiently.


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